May 202012

Between G Spot Stimulation and Coital Alignment Technique (CAT), which one is more effective in giving female an orgasm?

a.) First of all, they give women different types of “orgasm”

b.) G Spot Stimulation results in Vaginal Orgasm

c.) CAT technique results in Clitoris Orgasm

d.) Some say vaginal orgasm is more profound than clitoris orgasm. Others disagree. It is a matter of personal preference and experience

e.) It’s harder to find the G Spot in some women while Clitoris can be recognized straight away.

f.) Clitoris has higher nerve density (ie. more sensitive) than G Spot, which is on vaginal wall.


Answer: erm… How about all? After all, I love G Spot Stimulation as much as Coital Alignment Technique…



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Sep 012012

“How can I make my girlfriend squirt while eating her out?”

A great question…

And the answer is simple…

You need to stimulate her G Spot using a ”come hither” motion at the same time you’re giving her oral.

This will cause her G Spot to swell, and with the added stimulation of your tongue, she won’t be able to hold back…

…And before you know it, you’ll be drenched in her “juices”.


The key to making all this work is you need to know the proper way to give her oral.

And NO, it’s not like you see in porn…

Unfortunately, 99.9% of men have no clue on how to really go to work “down there”.

So chances are, YOU are doing it wrong!

Things like flicking your tongue, and doing the ABC’s are not going to cut it.

The fact is, giving her oral the wrong way will only annoy her and she’ll likely just tell you to stop.

Crushing your manhood in the process…

Not what you want…

Luckily, I’m going to teach you the correct way to go down on your woman…

With a method that’s sure to give her an orgasm each and every time you “perform” on her.

And coupled with my G Spot techniques, you’ll have her squirting like crazy in no time!

Get all my techniques for giving her amazing oral pleasure and more right here.

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